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Estrada do Sol

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Estrada do Sol performs música popular Brasileira or MPB, which is a trend in post-bossa nova urban popular music in Brazil that revisits typical Brazilian styles such as samba and baião and other Brazilian regional music, combining them with jazz and rock. The group is comprised of accomplished jazz pianist Brian Cashwell & vocalist Andrea Cefalo (husband and wife), and two superb Brazilian musicians…guitarist Jorge Zilio, and drummer Kiko Sebrian.

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Upcoming Shows

May 5: Muse Cafe
May 12: Juniper's 
May 27: 
June 8: Duo at Schwartz's Point 
June 23: Madtree Alcove 
June 29
Caffe Vivace 
July 7: 
July 15,: The Arepa Place

July 31: Jazz in the Park 
August 25: Emporium Wines in Yellow Springs
September 23, Springfield Culture Fest
September 24, The Hidden Gem
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